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Purple Fantasy

Using the hottest “in” colors, an incredibly sexy new exotic look is just a click away. Purple Fantasy evokes romantic images of exotic ancient Egypt where a young beautiful consort watches the Nile flowing by as she awaits her suitor in a lush glade near the royal palace. Her suitor will be so overcome by her almost magical beauty and his fervent love for her that he vows to make her his for all time… Though her story was lost for centuries, the world eventually rediscovers her beauty and comes to know her as Queen Nefertiti, who’s beauty is legendary and timeless.

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Before You Begin

  • With AVC Cosmetics, a little goes a long way. Therefore, always start with a small amount, being careful not to apply anything too heavily. After all, you can always add more if you need to.
  • Blending is the key to achieving a finished smooth look. You will need to blend much more than you may be used to because a tiny bit of AVC product will cover much more than you think.
  • Make sure you are in a well lit area to apply your makeup. A lighted magnifying mirror is the best.
  • Always start with clean dry skin. Use astringent or toner around the eyelids as they require deeper cleaning.
  • Do not use a moisturizer. This is essential to holding the makeup in place.




Choose a foundation color which most closely matches your existing skin color.

Apply the foundation by dabbing it on strategic spots on your face; under your eyes, on your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead, ears and neck.

Using the sponge wedge, smooth the foundation out evenly with a light stroking motion. Working away from the center of your face, eyes first, followed by your cheeks, and then the chin.

Remember, apply a little foundation at first. For those areas that need it, you can always go back and add a little more foundation.

Make sure you apply foundation to all of the visible skin on your face, ears, and neck. You want to apply it as lightly as possible and blend, blend, blend, working it into your skin.

Apply concealor to those blemishes which are still showing through your foundation. A little bit of foundation holds all the rest of your makeup in place, including your blush and eye shadow.

AVC Crème Foundations are specially formulated to smooth out quickly and easily, while still covering well, because it’s professional makeup! Unlike liquid foundations, this exclusive crème provides extra coverage for a flawless looking complexion that won’t fade away.

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