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Complete System - Light

Complete System - Light
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The Complete AVC Cosmetic System
Everything you need for the makeover of a lifetime!

Professional Quality AVC Cosmetics & Tools
Rich, luminous cosmetic products specially chosen and coordinated for face, eyes, lips, and brows, specifically for you.

Your Complete System includes:

The specially designed makeup case with see-through “zip and go” pouches that velcro into place to organize makeup and tools for Face, Eyes, Lips and Brows.

The ultimate makeup tool. One on one instruction taught by Alexis Vogel. Available with the complete cosmetic system, this exciting video brings Alexis Vogel right into your home for a personal makeover session. From the basics, to advanced techniques and every step of the way in between, these are the secrets that have made Alexis Vogel one of Hollywood’s most sought after makeup artists. Here's some of what you will learn:

  • How to properly "prep" your face before applying your makeup - you'll be pleasantly surprised and your skin will thank you!
  • How to properly apply your foundation - you'll have absolutely flawless looking skin, even if you have acne scars or other blemishes!
  • The secret to "setting" your foundation - you will look amazing all day long!
  • Blush techniques to create the delicious "apple" of your cheek - you'll look young and vibrant!
  • How to easily get perfectly arched dramatic eyebrows painlessly - no more pain and frustration!
  • How to create Alexis Vogel's glamorously sexy "cat eye" look - this will "raise" your entire face so you look younger, fresher and sexier!
  • The secrets to smoldering beautiful eyes - you'll hold everyone's attention with captivatingly beautiful eyes!
  • How to create beautiful thick lashes and "lock" your lashes in place all day long - no more smudges or clumps!
  • How to create full sensuous kissable lips and "lock in" your lip color all day long - you'll be amazed at how voluptuous your lips will look!
  • How to quickly easily transform your natural beautiful daytime look into a sultry glamorous dramatic night out look - you'll be a star wherever you go as you turn heads!
  • How to "refresh" your makeup in seconds so it looks and feels like you just put it on - you'll be amazed how much time this saves!
  • How to "blend" your makeup so it looks absolutely natural - no more lines or streaks so you look very natural and yet incredibly beautiful and alive!
  • And much much more!!!

Now you have it all!
The highest quality cosmetics, professional tools and accessories, instruction by the greatest makeup artist ever - Alexis Vogel herself. All yours at an unbelievably low price.

Order now and also receive a FREE BONUS!
This makeup is unlike anything you've ever tried before and is not available in stores. You get all of Alexis Vogel's years of experience right at your fingertips anytime you want in the step by step instructional DVD, including all of her easy to learn secrets and techniques which work like magic every single time, PLUS over $375 worth of professional makeup and tools, PLUS as a FREE BONUS the Alexis Vogel “Gorgeous Hair & Glamorous Lashes” Instructional.

With your new Complete System you will:

  • Look Absolutely Stunning
  • Save Time
  • Have More Confidence
  • Save Money
  • Get More Compliments
  • Feel Better About Yourself
  • Have Fun Doing Your Makeup
  • Look fantastic all day long

Think about it. Don’t you deserve to see for yourself just how much better you can look and feel? You have absolutely no risk and an incredibly exciting new you to gain! If you’re not completely thrilled with your amazing results, simply return the system within 30 days for a full refund.


If you aren't completely satisfied, simply return the system within 30 days for a prompt courteous refund of your entire purchase price.
Absolutely Risk Free
100% Guaranteed!

Complete System - Light
Complete System - Light
Complete System - Light

Date Added: 12/19/2008 by Regina S
As a Licensed Cosmetologist I have access to all High End Professional Make up, and I choose the AVC products as the one I use personally and professionally. I have read several reviews of customers that were not as satisfied as they thought they would be, I advise to please try again. The Alexis Vogel video explains that you need to pratice and I agree, if you take the time to spend on yourself (by yourself with no one to interupt you and I beleive you too will find that you love the product as well). Also the most important things to remember with the foundation is a little goes a long way, start with very light coverage, add additional product only to areas that need extra attention, (don't forget about the conceler for these areas) and BLEND, BLEND AND BLEND AGAIN. I started out by purchasing the foundation, powder, shadow shammy, and some of the eye and lip products. I know own most of the eye liner both pencils and cake eyeliner, several of the lipstick/stain, lip gloss/Lustre Lip gloss, eyeshadows, several blush colors, some of the brushes, and have recently order the complete system. I have to say I Truely love these products and so do my famiy, friends, and clients. Also, Makeup Connections have the very best Customer Service Representatives you can find in any business today. Don't be afraid to ask them for help using the Online Live help, you will be pleased with the results.

Date Added: 01/25/2005 by Julie W
Well, I received my AVC Light Kit today. Three days before I even expected it to arrive. I was so excited that I even used a butter knife to open the box in lou of the box cutter downstairs! I watched the DVD all the way through one time, and then ventured up the stairs to play. I just wanted to see if this was as easy as it looked, or as hard as it sounded (the cat-eye especially). I cleaned my face, placed the book in easy reach,and was ready to start. Here is what I thought of each and every product in order of its use: 1. The Foundation - I have used lots of different foundations over the years, but this one has to be the smoothest, full coverage, and light weight that I have used to date. It glided on, and very little was used. When they said that a little would go a long way...they didn't lie! 2. The Concealor - I was impressed with how well that it blended into the foundation, and covered well. No cakeyness (for lack of a better word). 3. The Powder - I am used to using a loose powder for my face but the technique and puff give a great finish to seal the foundation and the brush to remove excess worked great as well. There were no creases under the eyes at all. 4. The Blusher - When I first saw the color of the blush I laughed! I thought that there was no way in the world that I could ever wear that color. I was wanting to look glamourous, not trying out for Barnum & Bailey! Well, guess what? It actually looked good! I was very impressed at how smoothly and evenly it went on, and blended. Now I will have to say that if you just "striped" it on there it would look silly, but with the technique and the blending...not a problem! 5. The Brows - Needless to say, I always dread doing my own brows and usually go to my salon to get them done. I always did a horrible job. It was either to thin, or just not even. Alexis, you are a genius! The brow guides are easy to follow, and give great results. I have also never used brow pencil before. I found it very easy to use as well and was really impressed with myself. Using the brow gel was much better than I thought that it would be. I was impressed at how light, but holding it was. I was expecting something really sticky. 6. The Eyes: The chubby pencil and technique were easy to use and follow, but then came the dreaded "cat-eye". Never learning how to use cake or liquid eyeliner, I was nervous! Not only that but after reading here what problems others have had with it. I just knew that I was going to mess up royaly, but to the contrary, I lined it so close to perfect I nearly died! It was a bit darker than I would have liked, so I just took some damp q-tips and gently removed, and blended. It was great. The eye shadow went on really smooth and blended great. The mascara went on well, and when taking off the make-up was almost impossible to get off. I had to use lots of eye makeup remover to get it off. They should call it wear and water proof! The shammy makes it almost impossible to mess up on the application of the eyeshadow as well. 7. The Lips - I had to put on my lip liner first in order to get it to look good. I have very full lips and looked like Goldie Hawn after her collagen injection in First Wives Club! As with the Blush, I thought I would looke rediculous, but it wasn't bad at all. Not my favorite on me, but not bad. All in All...I am very pleased with all the products and the techniques shown. If you think that you look ho-ish, you might want to go a little lighter with the coloring, foundation etc. I found it to be a great look, and fairly easy to replicate. I am sure that with even more practice, I will be (almost) as good as Alexis herself in no time. I have ordered even more of the cosmetics and am looking forward to using that as well. So Good-Bye Mary-Kay...Hello Alexis!

Date Added: 04/13/2011 by Ana J
This is an awesome product. The DVD is priceless. Step by step. Incredible beauty secrets, I had never heard before. Love love love the foundation, love the powder. Double sided make up brush is genius. Cake eyeliner has perfect consistency. I look like a million bucks. Lipsticks techniques are worth the entire price. Love Alexis, just brilliant. Ana

Date Added: 05/10/2007 by Jeanette C
I am SO glad I ordered this! Out of the complete system, I have to say my favorite is the eyebrow kit. My eyebrows are very invisible and blonde, and since I have used the instructions, I have received so many compliments. Thank you!!!

Date Added: 11/25/2007 by Karrina D
I have seen the tv shows and I have seen the internet reviews so I decided to try it myself. My rating is on what I expect. I really do hope it is as good as it is advertised to be and as easy!!

Date Added: 12/17/2004 by Michelle C
If not for AVC I would be stuck in the other make up world. You know, where they love to turn us girls into makeup junkies so we never find something that works and they become more rich. But, AVC isn't like that. Their make up lasts for hours and even through a few tears. God bless her for the instructional/how to video. If not for that also I would never have achieved the look. Come to think of it, the other makeup industeries must not care if we have high self esteem and look beautiful. THEY SURELY don't come with instructions like AVC and don't come with such staying power!!!! THANKS A MILLION & THEN SOME!!!

Date Added: 04/10/2005 by Carla M
I'm only 41, but I really like it. I don't go for the full Playboy bunny look like some of the younger gals do, and like I might have done when I was their age!! The foundation gives really nice coverage. I can apply it so that it completely covers my age spots, but I can also use just a little to even out my skin. It looks really nice both ways and never feels heavy. I don't have a lot of wrinkles, but the foundation, concealer and powder do not settle in my creases like some brands, (I've tried most of the best known brands). The concealer gives me the best coverage of any I've ever used, and the powder is also superior to all I've tried. No one ever seems to mention how awesome the powder is, I guess it's just a workhorse we all take for granted. I love the powder, and the puff that comes with the kit! The glamour is all perfect!! I love Lexi's colors. They are always fashionable, but never trendy or garish. I can easily wear the same colors that the youngest girls wear and not feel silly. You can wear as much or as little of these products as you like. I'm an English teacher, so obviously I don't work in the entertainmant industry, but these products are still perfect for me. Alexis Vogel products are all very reasonably priced. In fact they are an incredible value! I don't have to pinch pennies, but I'm frugal by nature, and I never cringe over AV's prices.

Date Added: 01/28/2005 by Brandi C
I love AVC. It's the best makeup I have ever used! By passes all the dept. store brands. This makeup will give you a huge self-esteem boost. I highly recommend this makeup to anyone! Trust me you will LOVE it!!!

Date Added: 05/17/2007 by Marilou W
This kit changed the way I looked at makeup. I thought all makeup was the same and I was very wrong. This makeup provides excellent coverage yet still looks natural. I was surprised how long it stayed on my oily complexion and didn't melt off. Even though it may seem a little pricey, the products last a very long time because you are taught to apply it correctly and it doesn't need to be heavy to be effective. One of the biggest pluses is that my skin loves it and I rarely break out anymore. I'm hooked!

Date Added: 05/09/2007 by Selena C
I love the DVD and all of the products. My favorite is the foundation. The foundation blends and does not cake, which I found in a lot of compact foundations when you need a little more coverage. The DVD is very important since it gives you the "how tos" on applying makeup. Just like baking a cake, you need a recipe to follow. The DVD is the "recipe and instructions" and the "ingredients" is the makeup.

Date Added: 01/31/2005 by Destiny M
I was so excited about AVC kit coming but never told a soul. When it arrived I practiced for a couple of days & then took the plunge. I am a mom of 2 very active boys 6 & 8 plus I work fulltime, I never took time for me ever. Well the results were overwhelming my friends thought I had done a professional makeover, ppl I hadnt seen for awhile asked if I had got an eyelift or something..LOL!!!! As for my hubby well lets just say this...On Friday he came home with tickets for him & I to go to Vegas for a week and if that wasnt enough, then I am home for 3 days and he is whisking me off to Jamaica for a week of romance for Valentines Day...After 10 yrs of marriage and no holidays WOW!!!! Not only do I feel refreshed and younger I also feel sexy and playful again. Thanks AVC!!!

Date Added: 04/09/2005 by Stephanie T
I got my kit within five days of ordering. I only paid the first payment plus shipping and they shipped out the day or so after it was processed and emailed me my payment schedule. I think this is fabulous. A. The makeup is the only make up that actually looks better the longer it is on. Like I wasn't sure the minute after I put it on but after an hour it looks fabulous. Maybe drying time for the wet stuff and natural blending capacity. B. If you think it is too expensive I broke it down...(I am a frugal person due to limited budget). I went to Walmart last week before we bought this to buy make up to play around with for the wedding. I bought Like Mary kate and ashley, and other big named. It costs just as much ALMOST but the quality stunk I ended up putting my brand new make up in my Yuck bag for Halloween makeup. It clumped and irritated. Ick. (make up from store). Plus the prices of brushes and other items is nuts in the store and you don't get quality plus I hate having to do all the guess work myself. As in what should I buy, what colors should I buy. This was easy. And I love the kits she makes it easy for me. Plus the catalog that came with my order had a color matching chart to let me know what colors would work with wich eyeliner and lipsticks etc... It is cool. I am sold now. Word of caution. Don't trust your first reaction if you don't like it. Wait for a few hours and look at yourself then contemplate the value you got as well. A dab of the foundation covered my whole face. It usually takes three squirts of my other foundation to do that. I tell you not to trust your initial reaction cuz I was like ummm. I could do that with my regular makeup...lets return.. But after waiting and then looking again. I look fabulous, the makeup looks way better, and it is not irritating my skin or eyes. I don't even feel like I have any on. Take a chance and get it. Because you get it within 5-10 days of your first payment and you get a money back guarentee. So you really don't have much to lose. If you don't like it..send it back. If you love it order more! Thanks Alexis this is good stuff. And I usually end up dissapointed in all the "as seen on Tv" stuff I get. I hope that helps. Heather B MN first time user and now a believer

Date Added: 02/23/2005 by Katherine K
I am 32, and had my first child last June. He is a total joy. I bought the AVC kit when he was 4 months old. My husband made the suggestion that I try some makeup. Okay, when he said this, I think I flew off the handle at him... First time mom, home all day with this new baby, sweat pants everyday. I got to the point where I didn't even care if they were clean. I had remembered seeing the infomercial a couple of years ago, got online, and did some research, and found AVC! From the first time I put the makeup on, I loved it. I have never really worn makeup until I bought this kit. A little mascara and some lip balm was all I had ever used. I liked the fact that AVC had the money back guarantee. So, I gave it a shot. My skin has never been better. The eyeshadow color I thought was too dark at first, but now, I just got the masquerade shadow, and I love that. Who woulda thought? Last night I had some friends over, and one of my girlfriends complimented me on how great my eyes looked. My DH said "I know, isn't she sexy!" Okay, he's never said that in the 5 years we've been together. I know that it's the AVC. I now pay more attention to how I dress, how I do my hair, and even my exercise habits. Give it a shot....It has a money back guarantee if you're not happy. But, I am sure you will be. Good luck!

Date Added: 06/10/2008 by Jhzaneqi D
I love this kit. I worried about the colors initially and what to do with everything, but after watching the video and learning the application techniques I am more than pleased.

Date Added: 06/13/2007 by Erin E
i have a blotchy complection and its hard to find the right makeup that will cover and last, but i did!! the complete system i got with the dvd showed me how to blend and apply it right and i was amazed (so was my husband). I felt truly beautiful, and the complete system had everything i needed thanks AVC

Date Added: 11/24/2008 by Ronna G
I was so excited to receive my make-up system last week! I love the foundation and powder. My skin looks flawless with it on. Even after hours of wear I don't have that greasy feel or shine.

Date Added: 01/28/2005 by Julie W
I have always been good at make-up and very picky about the type of cosmetics I have used. I used Mary Kay, but not the skin care because it always made my face feel heavy. The Makeup line was OK, and was happy with that for a while. I have also used Lancome, Estee Lauder and some over the counter brands as well. I really like the AVC line. I think that it is top quality and the foundation is my favorite. It covers great and doesn't make your face feel heavy either. In my opinion there is nothing worse then wearing make-up and feeling like you have on a mask! I had just recieved my kit on Tuesday, and have already placed another order for some of the other colors I thought would look good on me. Besides, if you don't like it, you can always return it within 30 days of getting it (minus the shipping to you). It is a lot easier to me to mail it back, than to go back to a deptment store and have the sales people try to get you to do something else. I am all for no hassle. I am very happy with the AVC cosmetics. Go For It!

Date Added: 09/18/2008 by Rachelle H
All the tools are wonderful and high quality and they make applying the makeup so easy and beautiful.

Date Added: 01/12/2010 by Kathryn L R
I purchased this starter set several years ago and although I have run out of some of the products the lessons learned are invaluable. I still use the eyebrow stencil for tweezing and follow the instructions in the video. Now, I'm back and looking for more wonderful products to purchase again.

Date Added: 06/29/2007 by Holly O
Love the entire kit. The foundation provides great coverage. The video is invaluable. Without it the eyes would be impossible to do. thanks!!!!!

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