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Creme Foundation - Trio Light - Lily-Sandy-Barely Tan

Creme Foundation - Trio Light - Lily-Sandy-Barely Tan
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A flawless complexion made easy! Unlike liquid foundation, this exclusive creme feels sheer and light to the touch, yet it won't fade away. That's because it's a custom blended foundation used to keep famous faces looking fresh and perfect through hours under harsh lights and extreme outdoor conditions.

As you stroke it on with your sponge wedges, the natural heat of your skin smooths it to a radiant, polished finish that is never harsh or cakey looking. This rich, creamy, professional formula covers like no other foundation you've ever used.

Since you use far less, our foundation gives you great value for your money!

net wt. 0.4 oz. (11.3 g)

Petrolatum, Dioctyl Adipate, Talc, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Beeswax, PEG-20, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylparaben, Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

Date Added: 11/02/2007 by Sheryl B
Love this foundation combination. Having three different shades blend together give you a complete and total finished look. No oil build up after time - highly recommend for anyone with oily skin.

Date Added: 02/10/2005 by Brandi C
AVC covers so well its hard to explain. You just have to see the pictures. I get numerous compliments about how flawless my face looks, and its all due to AVC!!

Date Added: 04/10/2005 by Helen S
I got my kit yesterday and was pleased however I didn't know how pleased until I woke up this afternoon. Yesterday before I put on the make-up my face was blotchy. I have bad red patches all over my skin usually. It comes and goes. Most makeup leaves my skin flakey and blotchy after I take it off. The only thing I took off last night was the eye makeup due to eyelash issues. I washed my face today and my skin is clear. No red blotch in site. And my skin is smoother. I only have one small flakey patch vs large flakey patches everywhere. I am so impressed. I wanted to cry. It just goes to show the right blend of ingrediants of makeup can make a difference for better or for worse. This one hit the target. Now I wish I would have taken pictures before I put on the make up for the first time to prove to everyone what I am talking about. This made my day because the other day I looked at my face and wanted to cry because it was all blotchy and flakey and my birthday is coming up soon. And when I am like that my foundation likes to cake up on me and accentuate the flakes! AVC foundation went on smooth, gave great coverage, did not clump or cake and I wasn't scratching flakes of my face covered in foundation all day. Usually foundation makes my face itch too. That is why I seldom wear make up because it seemed to make my skin worse. Now I can wear it everyday. Here I go to put it on. Thanks!!!! I am now a true blue believer!

Date Added: 05/29/2008 by Yelena R
I really like this trio foundation. First of all, with three options you can definitely either find or mix a perfect match for you. Second of all, the coverage is incredible. If you blend the foundation with a moisturizer or even water, you can achieve a very natural look as well. The size could be bigger, besides that thumbs up!!

Date Added: 11/13/2010 by Gail B
This is truely one of the best finds in a foundation. It goes on so smooth and makes you look flawless. I am 60 years old and it is hard to find a product that will give that dewey look with out exagerating the pores. Love it!!

Date Added: 05/05/2013 by Edith J
The trio is fantastic especially for on the go! Concealer and foundation in one compact is ideal I leave one in my office and one in my purse at ALL times

Date Added: 08/01/2010 by Bethanie R
I recently got this trio on a "try it free" trial. I'm really pleased with the quality of the foundation. I have been wearing mineral powder for about seven years now, and don't like the suffocating feeling that most mass market and department store foundations have on my skin. The AVC Cream is really light on the skin, it's impressive how little is needed for even coverage. I wore it to a reunion, and in photos my skin looked quite natural - me but better. Once it's on the skin and powdered, it stays put but doesn't feel heavy at all. I really believe in spending money on a good foundation and this is one that I feel comfortable recommending.

Date Added: 11/20/2008 by Nina B
Of course this is the best foundation ever used!

Date Added: 03/09/2009 by Jill L
I am SO fair, that purchasing the trio is not a great deal for me. I really need the lightest of the three. It's wonderful foundation, but I end up wasting the other 2 colors. I never see the sun and I don't want to apply anything darker that will make me look like I'm wearing "mommy's make-up". Glad there is a package with only the fairest of the three tones available!

Date Added: 03/14/2010 by Connie E
Love this foundation. I have mature skin and I prefer maximum coverage. This covers vey well, but is not cakey or streaky, and does not feel heavy. I use the lightest shade as a concealer. You will really enjoy using this.

Date Added: 03/08/2006 by susan e
hey you guys got me hooked on this great makeup and now I cant get anymore... I look like myself!!! HELP!!! I did look like a movie star for a while there!!!!!!!!

Date Added: 08/26/2008 by Brenda C
This foundation trio is absolutley wonderful! At first I thought the Sandy and Barely Tan sections were too dark for my fair skin but they are perfect for summer when I have a tan or for subtle contouring. I love the way the colors complement and mix well together so I can always mix the perfect shade for my skin. I also love the way it goes on so smoothly, covers so well with a minimum amount of product and stays on all day, looking great. You have a customer for life!

Date Added: 11/13/2007 by Kalea C
This creme foundation is THE ONE products I could never live without! It provides a smoooth, flawless finish and never looks "cakey" or thick. I am so amazed at the amount of coverage that just a small amount provides. I love the way this foundation goes on smooth and perfect and lasts all day. This is definitely a makeup staple that I will continue to use.

Date Added: 02/05/2008 by Mary P
This is very nice for traveling! I have used it for a long time and appreciate having everything in one container for travel purposes or for keeping in my purse to freshen up!

Date Added: 09/23/2010 by Georgia R
I have used this product for 10 years off and on while testing other products and I have nothing that covers my freckles and redness as well as this foundation.

Date Added: 10/05/2013 by Lana J
This remains my all time favorite and I will never stop using it!

Date Added: 06/17/2015 by Edith J
I love this product I have been using this line for 15 years. I highly recommend A+++++

Date Added: 02/04/2009 by Zubia B
i love this product! great to use and will definitely recommend to others and also will buy it again. goes on perfect and hides all my black things.

Date Added: 01/18/2010 by Nina B
Love the makeup and the sponges, although the sponges start falling apart after just a few uses. Wish they didn't.

Date Added: 05/06/2010 by Nina B
Love, love, love this creamy makeup! Goes on smoothly and lasts for hours. Blends right in!

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Creme Foundation - Trio Light - Lily-Sandy-Barely Tan