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The secret to perfectly shaped and arched eyebrows! Re-usable stencils stick in place, showing you exactly where to pluck, trim, or fill in. 6 pairs (2 sheets with 3 pairs each)

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  1. Conney P

    I went to the salon this weekend to get my mani and pedi but not my customary eyebrow wax and my usual girl came up to me and said, ‘oh, you went some where else to get a wax already, I should hate you but it looks good!’ I just smiled at her and said nothing, quietly pleased. I used the AVC stencils to pluck my brows! It felt so good, to be in control of my own brows! Thanks!

  2. Kathleene O

    Good guide for those of us who need a little help!

  3. Mary M

    Very helpful and it makes an unbelievable difference in your overall apperance. Great Product.

  4. Jill H

    I have had a hard time putting on my brows, these really help me out! Thanks. Jill H

  5. Ann F

    I love these stencils…I have just started useing the ones I recieved in my original AVC shipments (remember those days girls). And know I need more! Proper brows really do finish your look off, make you look younger too! Have fun!!

  6. Amanda M

    These stencils are a great guide and will allow you to get perfect, symmetrical eyebrows. The one thing to remember is that they are a guide and you don’t have to follow the exact shape of the stencil if you feel that it won’t frame your eyes correctly. When using them I always leave a little extra hair so that they don’t come out too thin.

  7. Krystal H

    These brow stencils are the best! They make grooming fun! I have been so pleased with the stencils that I have bought them for my mother and a few of my in-laws. One trick I have discovered is that you should always peel them off in the same direction as your hair grows, so you will not accidently pull out extra eyebrows.

  8. paulette L

    The brow stencils are a great tool if you need to enhance your brows. I like the fact that they stick unlike some others that you have to hold and those tend to slip. The only drawback to these stencils is the fact that you can use them only so many times before you have to go on to another pair, whereas permanent stencils that are made out of plastic or whatever, can last for a very long time. But all in all, they are a great tool.

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