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A flawless complexion made easy! Unlike liquid foundation, this exclusive creme feels sheer and light to the touch, yet it won’t fade away. That’s because it’s a custom blended foundation used to keep famous faces looking fresh and perfect through hours under harsh lights and extreme outdoor conditions.

As you stroke it on with your sponge wedges, the natural heat of your skin smooths it to a radiant, polished finish that is never harsh or cakey looking. This rich, creamy, professional formula covers like no other foundation you’ve ever used.

Since you use far less, our foundation gives you great value for your money!

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 oz
Manufacturer: AVC

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Dioctyl Adipate, Talc, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Beeswax, PEG-20, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylparaben, Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

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  1. Tammy R

    AVC foundation is wonderful. Excellent coverage. I have pores and scares I need to cover up. And honestly…AVC is the only foundation that has ever worked for me. I also use the primer. Which between the foundation and the primer…this is the first time anybody has ever said that I have flawless skin. This is the Holy Grail for me!!

  2. Rachel L

    I say using the AVC foundation just flows like butter and definitely offers GREAT coverage. When I had a major issue with acne scars…though it is just a mild condition…the AVC foundation was good enough to cover! My acne problem is now long gone…I rarely breakout and my scarring has disappeared! Now…I am enjoying my foundation more than ever!!!

  3. Amy W

    I love this foundation, the best I have used. I have been using this product for almost 2 years.

  4. Mary M

    I just started using this makeup, and I have gotten so many of the greatest compliments. It makes my skin look and feel really smooth and soft. I have sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful with the products I use. It feels like it’s actually improved the overall quality of my skin a little too. I’ll never use anything else!

  5. Dana S

    I love, love, love this foundation. Covers great and lasts all day and my skin feels better since I’ve used it. I’ve used Mary Kay, Prescriptives, Revlon, Ultima and Bare Minerals just to name a few and I will use this forever. Thanks for a great product, I’ve been searching forever.

  6. Rose M

    I love this foundation and recommend it to everyone I know. Professional coverage. I’m 36 now & wish I knew about this sooner.

  7. Jessica P

    Can’t get enough of this stuff!!! I’ve been a loyal user of AV make-up for 3 years now and haven’t found a better foundation than this ever before! Thank goodness I took the chance to order the 1st kit, my face hasn’t looked better!

  8. Michelle R

    I love this foundation. I had never worn a cream foundation before this, but I really prefer it over a liquid foundation anyday. It isn’t all caked up by the end of the day. It’s very easy to apply and a little bit goes a long way. This is also a great color for very fair complexions.

  9. Brandie L

    If you want a great foundation that covers and lasts throughout the day, then this is it. I have never had a foundation that covers, yet feels like you are wearing nothing! The lily foundation is a great match for me in the winter time, and in summer I will mix both the Latte and Lily to match my skin tone. This product leaves your skin looking all natural….

  10. Kimberly K

    The first time I used this foundation, my son exclaimed What did you do to your face?!?” He was shocked at how good my skin looked. That’s all I needed to know. I love it because it has great coverage yet feels light. It evens out my skin tone and makes me look and feel great about myself!”

  11. Patricia D

    I like it it is better coverage for me then anyother color.

  12. Patricia D


  13. Ailene C

    Great coverage – easy to apply – blends very well – leaves no ring around the neck!

  14. Kathleen F

    The Lily creme foundation is now the only foundation I will ever use. I tried using others and after months of frustration came back to AVC at Makeup Connection. This is the only foundation I have used that matches my light complexion, feels light when I wear it, covers everything, stays all day, does not wear off. I love it.

  15. cheryl r

    ! have been using this product for many years now and its absolutely the best. Would not use anything else. coverage is great and lasts allday.

  16. Mary C

    I love this foundation! It’s not heavy or cakey and it covers like a concealer. I would definitely recommend this product.

  17. Jill H

    I love this foundation it covers well and looks natural. thanks, Jill H

  18. Stevanne P

    If I could only have one product from AVC, this would be it. I have tried many, many foundations and this is the perfect one for my skin. It covers completely without looking pasty or chalky, blends beautifully, and minimizes my pores. I look like I have perfect skin. Plus, it lasts all day and night until you take it off! Wonderful product!

  19. Mary P

    I prefer the Lily tone during the windter months. This petroleum-based cream foundation makes my skin feel natural and blemish-free! It lasts until I remove it and looks fresh throughout the day and night. My skin looks natural both indoors and outdoors and under the worst lighting conditions. This cream foundation works to perfection when applied with a wedge sponge and used sparingly! It also lasts for a long period of time when used properly as instructed.

  20. Margaret A

    Hands down avc foundation is the best you can buy!!

  21. Jill H

    This foundation goes on so smooth, it blends well with my skintone.My client told me how fresh my skin looked. Jill H

  22. Jennie C

    Dear Makeup Connection,I love your creme foundation! I have used a lot of different brands, but yours is the best. When I put it on it is like I am not wearing anything it is so light. This foundation stays on all day without touchups. Thank you!

  23. Jackie P

    Covers like a dream, and gives you that flawless look you wish you’d been born with. Best thing is, no one will know you weren’t…it’s just that natural.

  24. Chree J

    I love this foundation. it stays on all day and looks and feels natural. it is the best foundation I have ever tried!!!

  25. Ellen W

    I love this shade. It goes on flawless and looks great!

  26. Laurie M

    I am hooked on the Alexis Vogel application technique for the lips using this product. I discovered it on her video when I purchased the complete kit years ago.

  27. Jennifer V

    love, Love, LOVE this foundation. I get covered without looking like I am wearing foundation. Have long since thrown away all my other foundations and will never be tempted to waste my money experimenting again. Perfect color match. Stays on without fading into my skin over the day. Doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything. And, I get compliments from people in the office. I’ll never be without this staple again!!

  28. Judy J

    Lily foundation is the best I have ever used, smooth coverage with a natural look

  29. Renee R

    This has got to be one of the best..if not the best foundation I have ever used! The color is perfect for my skin, I am a blonde with light skin, and I use this with the fair AVC pressed powder, or if I have a little color from the tanning salon I still use this foundation with a little darker foundation. It makes my skin look amazing!

  30. Mary P

    I love this product, but I wish they would resume the production of the larger size. This size is great for purses and travel, but I sometimes purchase another product when I am low on this one because they don’t make the larger size anymore.

  31. Lana J

    This stuff is so good, my teenage boys will even use it to cover up a blemish now and then! It blends great and lasts!

  32. Joan F

    The Lily Foundation is the perfect foundation for fair skinned people. It applies easily, lasts for hours, and your don’t have to use very much for covereage. This foundation is GREAT! Ever since I started using this foundaion, about three (3) yeats ago, I will never use anything else! I’m totally sold on this product!

  33. Elizabeth w

    This foundation is fantastic. The coverage is amazing and it stays all day! I like mixing Lily and Latte to get the absolute perfect color.

  34. Esther S

    Love this product and have been using it for years. Goes on smooth, covers well and is long lasting.

  35. Karen B

    I love this foundation – it is the best foundation I have ever used. I put it on at 5:30 am and when I get home at 7:00 pm it still looks just as fresh as when I first put it on. This was recommended to me by my sister and I have recommended it to all my friends. I will never use another foundation! 🙂

  36. Hollie P

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation! I use it when I need extra coverage or I’m going out and want to look like a rock star. I have horrible acne scars and it conceals and hides them better than any other product.

  37. Rebecca C

    My mom uses this shade and she loves it. I got her hooked on AVC. Lily is perfect for her and helps cover ther redness.

  38. Kay M

    I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!!! It covers so well and feels so light on your skin! I have tried other foundations and always come back to AVC Creme Foundation. I have light skin and Lily works best for me. It is AMAZING!! My daughter still gets asked if I am her sister! This foundation doesn’t crease like other foundations. You forget entirely that you are wearing foundation at all and it lasts longer than any other foundation I have tried… which is a plus!!!

  39. Jamie S

    I adore this foundation. Stays on all day, even when it is 90 degrees outside!

  40. Barb M

    My name is Barb and I have used the creme foundation Lily for several years now and just love it. It covers so completely and hides all of little imperfections without looking cakey or heavy. I keep one in my purse and another one is always in my bathroom at all times. My eighteen year old daughter has been battling with quite severe acne for quite some time now and she just started using it also. The difference it has made when she puts it on is unbelievable. It covers everything up and looks so natural. I would recommend it for everyone. It’s a great product.

  41. betty l

    This product stands out. Long lasting and very light. Truly love it.

  42. Lana J

    The only foundation I ever use or would use…absolutely THE best in complete coverage, bar none.

  43. janet s

    This foundation has complete coverage for my freckles and face discoloration but truly does not look caked on. The color in the pot looks very orange to me but when applied matches fair skin beautifully. It makes me look polished all day as it stays on all day. Great product!

  44. Emily D

    I have used this product for several years and love it. I am 53 and it is wonderful! My 18 year old daughter has just discovered it also and has fallen in love with it! I have tried other brands but have always come back to this one.

  45. Lisa I

    Creme Foundation is the only foundation I ever use. It is light and has perfect coverage. I couldn’t live without it!

  46. Mirella G

    It gives a beautiful and natural look. It blends easily and last all day!

  47. Emily D

    My daughter and I have been using this makeup for a while and love it. It goes on smooth and covers many flaws without looking like you have a lot of makeup on. We would highly recommend this foundation.

  48. Cindy P

    Great foundation. Stays on without going into your pores and caking up or sweating off. Not heavy at all. I have been looking for a good foundation forever and have tried many. This one really works.

  49. Barb M

    I have used the Lily Creme Foundation for quite sometime now. The main reason that I tried it in the first place was to cover up on my face the redness that is know as ‘The Butterfly Affect.’ You see I have a disease called Lupus and one of the symptoms is this big redness that you get that stretches all the way across your nose, from cheek to cheek. Nothing else I have tried covered it up until I tried the Lily Creme Foundation. It is such a blessing for me. Now when I use it I am able to leave the house with confidence and not have everyone starring at me wondering what’s the matter with my face. It has given me confidence that I never had before. I am so thankful and blessed to have found such an amazing product. Thank you for giving me my life back. Barb M.

  50. Mirella G

    Great coverage- only need a little bit to cover the whole face, love the finish look!

  51. Annette C

    great foundation, great coverage. gives your skin a porcelein complexion. great color for fair skin.

  52. Jill H

    OK guys,I got to tell ya, this IS the best foundation on the planet.I ran out of it and did not think to order in time so, what do I have to do is run to walgreens and get one of the foundations they rave about; well,I’m not raving! I am ordering my Lily Foundation right now! Sincerely, Jill Hansen

  53. Toby S

    I love AVC products. Haven’t found anything better. This foundation covers everything with a very light touch. I’ve used it for years and been very happy. Just wish it wasn’t getting so expensive and the size wasn’t getting smaller. I won’t be able to afford it much longer. Some things need to be re-considered, …like the economy. Aside from that, it’s the BEST!!!!!

  54. Michelle H

    I cant live without this! and I have never found anything comparable anywhere else.

  55. Esther S

    I have been using this foundation for 6 years now and still love it.

  56. Lana J

    This foundation remains my lifesaver. No matter how ‘unawake’ my skin looks, this makes it look fabulous in seconds!

  57. Rebecca T

    Goes on smooth and gives full coverage and blends really well. I like this product above any other foundation in the stores.

  58. Jill H

    I wiil never use another foundation again, now that I use your foundation! Alittle bit really goes along way so it lasts awhile, plus it stays where you put it. all your make up is like that. Thanks Jill H

  59. Tina J

    I just love the foundation. It is so professional looking and nothing that I have ever used looks as great. Thank you!!

  60. Mirella G

    This foundation gives a very natural look, use the compact powder for a glamorous finish!

  61. Lana J

    This product remains my absolute favorite and I couldn’t start the day without it!

  62. Esther S

    LOVE IT! Have been using this foundation for 7 yrs now.

  63. Lisa H

    This is one of the best foundations I have ever used…it not only covers well..but makes the skin look very smooth..I’ve tried other foundations and always come back to this I’m staying put!

  64. Kelly B

    I absolutely love this product. It is my # 1 MUST HAVE! I have used a lot of various makeup in my life both expensive and cheap (plus everything in between)I ALWAYS GO BACK TO AVC though. I began to use this about 6 years back, and still use this. I am a liscensed cosmetologist/esthetician(specialized with skincare) and let me tell you I would recommend this product for everyone! I never breakout with this and it makes a perfect combination when placed under my airbrush makeup. Lily is the perfect shade, and not only is it a great foundation, but it actually is a concealing foundation which can hide dark circles and any other flaw you might want good coverage for. I _3 AVC 4EVER!!!!! BEST MAKEUP!!! THANKS!

  65. Lana J

    Remains the best foundation I’ve ever use! Will NEVER change:)

  66. Mary Lou H

    I have used AVC creme foundation for many years for my face skin tone is extremely lighter in some areas and this foundation has always covered it completely and smoothly and using the face primer with it gives my face a dewy look which helps for I have lived in a very hot climate for many year.

  67. Catherine P

    I have been using Lily for YEARS….I can’t remember it’s been so long. My girlfriends constantly ask me what I use on my face because it looks to perfect. They always so I have perfect skin. I give the credit to this foundation. It goes on so smooth with the make up wedge (which I highly recommend) and it looks great all day long.

  68. Nataliya R

    I really think that this Foundation works great as a concealer!!! I was very pleased with the high quality! It is much-much better than the other foundations/concealers I ever tried (including E.Lauder,Lancome,La Mer,Benefit,Mally Beauty,Sheer Cover…)It is the best quality for a very reasonable price. Simply love it!

  69. Sheryl C

    I combine this with the barely tan foundation for the perfect skin color for me. Love them both!! Have used them for years and wouldn’t go with anything else.

  70. Natalie C

    Great coverage. Goes on smoothly and looks natural. Lasts all day and does not change.

  71. Jodie H

    Lily creme foundation is great! It covers well and doesn’t feel heavy.

  72. Sarah B

    This cream foundation fills in the little wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes better than any other crème foundation I’ve tried. I love it.

  73. Jodie H

    Lily creme foundation goes on smooth and has great coverage.

  74. Lana J

    Remains my ‘go to’ foundation, which I’ve ordered for years, and I will always will!

  75. Rosanne R

    Love this! I’m a photographer, and I ordered all of the AVC creme foundations and concealers for my makeup stylists to use on shoots. It offers great coverage for all skin types. Very happy with it. I use Lily myself with the Banish concealer.

  76. Jennifer H

    I LOVE this foundation! It doesn’t require a lot to cover your face and give it that flawless look without looking like heavy foundation.

  77. Lana J

    Remains the best thing to ever cover my skin! Its coverage is unmatchable; I’ll never stop buying it!

  78. Sandy H

    I absolutely adore this foundation and use it as a concealer when I don’t need full coverage but rather just need to beautify a few spots. It’s the best out there!

  79. Lindsey M

    I would recommend this make up for any one who has acne. It makes my face look so much prettier.

  80. Nancy O

    This creme foundation covers the skin discolorations in my face and makes my face look flawless. I can’t be without it!

  81. Melini R

    I love this foundation, I always get complements on my skin when will wear this make-up and it does not settle in fine lines, it’s the perfect consistency!

  82. Edith J

    I love Lilly it always in my must haves, I use it as eye primer and highlighter. I would recommend this product

  83. Lisa I

    My favorite foundation of all time! Makes my skin look flawless.

  84. Lana J

    As I’ve been saying for years, love, Love, LOVE this product!

  85. Joan m. F

    The Lily Creme foundation is the ONLY foundation that I will use! For women over forty, it is recommended that they do not use a creme foundation since it could show off wrinkles. This foundation does not show off the wrinkles, it actually hides them and it lasts all day long. I have been using this foundation for over ten years and will never use anything else! The advertisement about this makeup is true, it will definitely revolutionize your appearence. They definitly know what they are doing. No matter what the price, I’ll keep using it, and I recommend it to every women out there. I use the Lily because I have a light complextion, but I would bank on the fact that if you get the color that matches your skin color, you will be amazed. I was amazed ten years ago, and I still am!I’ll never go back to anything else!

  86. Kay M

    This is a wonderful product. Feels so light on your skin. I love it…People say I look too young to be the mother of my 30 year old daughter.I know this product helps to cover up the damage the years have done.What more could you want in a product!!

  87. Rachael C

    I love this foundation a little goes a long way and the coverage is wonderful

  88. Joan m. F

    I have been using this foundation for fifteen years. The first time I used it, I knew that I would never use anything else, and I haven’t. This foundation goes on smoothly and covers any skin color defects, making your face look smooth, silky, unbleminished, and glowing.

  89. Revina C

    I have used this foundation for the past several years because it is the best. Great coverage and a must have for attending weddings or funerals (no tear streaks).

  90. Barbara F

    I absolutely love this makeup! It is the best foundation I have ever worn. It feels light on my face but covers every blemish and dark spot. It completely evens out my skin tone!

  91. Barbara F

    This is the absolute best foundation I have ever used! It covers all blemishes, dark spots and evens everything out. All of this without being heavy coverage. It feels light and soft on my face. A little goes a long ways. I will not be without this foundation!

  92. Jennifer B

    I dont care what anyone else says or thinks cant no foundation be compared to AVC. I have used AVC foundation for almost 10 yrs. So to change things up I decided to try other foundations. Ive spent alot of money on expensive foundations that did NOT give me the coverage they claimed it would. Disappointed every single time! Still after 10 yrs I have yet to come across a better foundation. Continue to blow minds AVC! Ur awesome!

  93. Jennifer B

    I dont care what anyone else says or thinks cant no foundation be compared to AVC. I have used AVC foundation for almost 10 yrs. So to change things up I decided to try other foundations. Ive spent alot of money on expensive foundations that did NOT give me the coverage they claimed it would. Disappointed every single time! Still after 10 yrs I have yet to come across a better foundation. Continue to blow minds AVC! Ur awesome!

  94. Joan m. F

    Only Foundation that I will use! It is PERFECT for me! It covers unwanted blemishes without looking like a cover-up. It goes on smooth and silky and is great for daytime and nightime use.

  95. Joan m. F

    I have used this foundation for almost 20 years! It is the only foundation that I will use. It has been said that older women should not use a creme foundation. Well this creme foundation is GREAT and I am definitely an ‘older woman’! It is the best foundation out there. I won’t use anything else! I’ve written many reviews on this product and I will keep saying the same thing! GREAT!

  96. Arlene I

    best foundation ever. I have used for many years and always happy. Never rubs off and true to color. I wish Lily was available, I’m running out

  97. Brenda W

    This color works for a lot of different skin tones, And the glow that comes from the product is so gorgeous. My two teenage daughters cant get enough either!!!!

  98. Bobbie Hill (verified owner)

    The Very BEST foundation ever. Covers great and looks smooth. Does NOT settle in wrinkles. Love… Love this product. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  99. Lauri (verified owner)

    Lays a smooth base

  100. Nancy O. (verified owner)

    I will never be without the crème foundation. Its goes on flawless and does not look thick. My daughter is now using it and loves it!

  101. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Coverage is perfect – unlike any other product I have ever used. I have often received comments that I have good skin, but secretly I know it is because I am wearing this foundation!

  102. Barbara (verified owner)

    By far the best coverage foundation I have ever used! Covers dark spots flawlessly without having to use a lot. The only foundation I will ever use!

  103. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This product is perfect – lightweight, but covers well.

  104. Nancy O. (verified owner)

    I can’t imagine being without his crème foundation. I have a scar on my face from a basal cell cancer surgery and this foundation covers the scar beautifully!

  105. Nancy O. (verified owner)

    Love this product!! Can’t be without it!!!

  106. Barb M. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this makeup. It covers all my blemished and looks great.

  107. Barbara (verified owner)

    Best foundation I have ever used. Covers dark spots without heavy coverage. I gave been using this product for years. Nothing else compares.

  108. Lana K (verified owner)

    Remains the best foundation around. Goes on smooth with great coverage!

  109. Gail (verified owner)

    The shade is great and so is the foundation, however, the real shade I want is Barely Tan and you only offer that in the trio light. I have to buy the trio light in order to get the shade I really want. Are you EVER going to get that shade in again by itself?

  110. Amy (verified owner)

  111. Jennifer (verified owner)

  112. Amy (verified owner)

  113. Judy (verified owner)

    Love this, covers completly

  114. Amy (verified owner)

  115. Barbara (verified owner)

    The best foundation I have ever used. Completely covers all flaws without being heavily applied

  116. Nancy O. (verified owner)

    Love this product! Covers blemishes! Cannot live without it!

  117. Amy (verified owner)

  118. Jennifer (verified owner)

  119. Lynn Smith (verified owner)

    Still the best foundation to stay on ALL day,does not change color and looks fresh

  120. Barb (verified owner)

    Best makeup I’ve ever used.

  121. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Been using this for years and always get compliments on how great my skin looks. Love it and don’t ever want to use another foundation.

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