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A flawless complexion made easy! Unlike liquid foundation, this exclusive creme feels sheer and light to the touch, yet it won’t fade away. That’s because it’s a custom blended foundation used to keep famous faces looking fresh and perfect through hours under harsh lights and extreme outdoor conditions.

As you stroke it on with your sponge wedges, the natural heat of your skin smooths it to a radiant, polished finish that is never harsh or cakey looking. This rich, creamy, professional formula covers like no other foundation you’ve ever used.

Since you use far less, our foundation gives you great value for your money!

net wt. 0.15 oz. (4.25 g)

Additional information

Weight 0.7 oz
Manufacturer: AVC

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Dioctyl Adipate, Talc, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Beeswax, PEG-20, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylparaben, Titanium Dioxide CI 77891, Iron Oxides CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499

59 reviews for Creme Foundation – Sandy

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  1. Jeannie F

    This is the Absolutely BEST foundation I have ever used! Many, many complements on this. So I’m always passing on the word of this great product!

  2. Lisette M

    It is THE best ever! I use it for my photo shoots and my pictures come out amazing with this make up! I even use it for everyday use. I am in love with this make up!

  3. Marjorie P

    Thank you for selling AVC make-up. I have been using this foundation for years and It’s the only color that truly works for my skin. I was devastated when Alexis Vogel Cosmetics no longer sold make-up because all the other expensive foundation I tried after that was a failure. I’m glad this product is back and my problem is solved!



  5. caren m

    This creme foundation has wonderful coverage and gives you a flawless look. This color is for a medium skin tone and it makes you look like you have a little tan.

  6. Jeannie F

    Ok Gals.. This IS the BEST foundation EVER. I have looked high & low for this type of coverage. I get TONS of compliments!! So Make-Up Connection & AVC gets tons of business from me!! You have to try it for youself to believe it. Look your best !!! Thanks for providing us with such a wonderful product! Jeannie

  7. Julia L

    Great foundation for photo shoots! The coverage is great.

  8. Barbara G

    I absolutely swear by this product, I am 34years old, have been using the AVC products for now some 4-5 years and to me there is no other foundation in the world, I have had so many comments made to me about how smooth my complexion looks with this foundation on that I can’t begin to count them, I have even had people tell me that I look as young as 13 by using this product, its unbelievable, it is so smooth and silky and a little goes a long long way, I will NEVER use anything else, it covers all of my flaws and every woman that sees me swears that i’m not even wearing makeup because they cant tell where my foundation begins or ends it goes on so flawlessly.

  9. Wendy S

    this is the est cream makeup i have used .it covers all my imperfections with the least amount of product ive ever tried.the color match is also perfect.everywhere i go i get compliments on my beautiful”skin.”

  10. Debbie K

    I just love AVC Make-up. I was stopped in a store once and a woman ask me what make-up I was wearing. I told her and she said she had heard of it. She use to be a make up consultant so she knew her make-up. That made me feel really good and confident in myself and isn’t that what it’s all about. When you have the best make up on you fell very confident in whatever you do. Right now this make up is a little too dark for me, next time I will choose a color that is a little lighter. Even though the summer is here now I am able to use it. Thank you AVC!

  11. Jackie P

    I have super oily skin and had given up on any type of cream foundation. I am amazed how well this stays on. Usually my foundation slides off around noon. This foundation stays put. I love it

  12. Marta H

    I can’t live without it,it stays put all day,I used to have to have to touch my make up often and now it’s amazing it really look gorgeous all day long! I get a lot of complements on my complexion.

  13. Cheryl P

    I really love this foundation….it gives a flawless finish and stays on. The color is a pretty good match, but it makes me look a little sallow…or grey. Not sure if I need to mix it with another shade. I tried applying different ways – with a sponge, foundation brush and my fingers. Found using my fingers works best, and you don’t need alot as it blends beautifully.

  14. Judy J

    Sandy foundation is great for the summer to give that glow of summer, smooth coverage with a natural look.

  15. Brenda L

    im 49 years new looking ever time i put it on.women always ask what i use. its every womens dream makeup.i would not buy it if it didnt do miracles. i just wish that it came in a bigger size.

  16. Karina patricia A

    I being using this product since 2004 I love it CAN LIVE WITH OUT IT !!!!!!!always have very nice complents about how my face look so fresh.thank you MAKEUP CONNECTION

  17. Yvette D. F

    This Creme Foundation is the best! I have tried many other, more expensive products, and none have compared! It provides smooth flawless coverage and I always get great comments when I wear this foundation. I am a loyal fan!

  18. Janine N

    The perfect foundation, goes on smooth, stays on all day, the color is great. I have fair skin and this color gets rid of any pink or redness in the face and leaves it perfect. I love it compared to anything I have found. I searched high and low for the perfect foundation that is full coverage. Definately 5 kisses.

  19. Mary P

    I bought this creme foundation to go with a summer tan. I use Lily in the winter and Sandy in the summer. It goes on smoothly and remains fresh looking until I remove it at night.

  20. Violet H

    This is the most wonderful foundation ever! I have very large pores, so a makeup that provides full coverage is very important! Your skin will look flawless!

  21. Missy C

    This is the best foundation I have ever found. The coverage is amazing, yet it feels so light. Once you try this product, you won’t use any other.

  22. Lauri W

    This is my summer tan” color. The smooth application is so awesome. Easily covers any color flaws in my natural complexion.”

  23. Ana R

    I LOVE this foundation..It makes my skin appear fresh no matter how tire I am, it blends so well with my skin tone it looks natural & fresh..I have bought many creme foundations but nothing compares to this one. I have a beige skin tone but the creme foundation sady feels and looks great..I receive many compliments about my make up and I LOVE IT.

  24. Julie S

    I use this product every day. The Creme Foundation goes on smoothly with the sponge, and it is easy to blend. It is light, and long lasting. It looks like I don’t have any make-up on!

  25. Rebecca C

    Sandy is a perfect shade. It glides on and covers wonderfully.

  26. Missy C

    This is one product that I can’t do without. Once you try this foundation you won’t use any other.

  27. Missy C

    No department store brand will ever compare the quality of this. Not only does the application go on smoothly, but it will last all day. It is less expensive and can be delivered to your door, what more can you ask for.

  28. Samantha S

    This is by far the best foundation out there. I’m a makeup artist on Cape Cod, and do a lot of weddings in the summer. This is the only foundation I will use because I know it will last all day and give brides a flawless finish, without feeling cakey. Absolutely love it and can’t live without it!

  29. Wendy S

    The Sandy Creme foundation is the best coverage of any Ive used.I am a hairstylist, I have access to many professional brands of makeup and Ive tried them all,this is foundation that works the best.I work under very bright lights &it lasts all day and is a perfect match for my skintone.I order 3 at a time so Im never without it.

  30. Karina patricia A

    been using this product over 5 years and still love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Missy C

    Once you try this foundation you will never use any other. This product has flawless coverage without feeling heavy. Not only is this better than the department store products, it is greater quality, less expensive and can be delivered to your door.

  32. Karol J

    This foundation is by far superior to any other product I have used, including many designer brands. It is very well priced and packaged in a convenient size for easy transport and application. Plus, it glides on smoothly after using the primer underneath. The coverage is flawless and it stays on all day! People constantly ask me what makeup I use and are so surprised that they can get it so conveniently and economically. Thank you to AVC and Makeup Connection!

  33. Marcia L

    I am a 63 yr. old who has smoked all my life. You know those little lines around the mouth? well no creasing w/ avc. It covers EVERYTHING that you want to hide w/o feeling like you’re wearing a mask. Example. I visited my neice who had friends w/ her whom have never met me. of course I had my make-up on. This nice lady told my neice, ‘She is so pretty’. She also thought that my 2 grandsons w/ me (15 & 16) were MY SONS. Also When your grandson see you the morning after the night before and tells you ‘You look amazing.’ That’s good enough for me… I was unable to find AVC for years, Thank You Makeup Connection for carrying this product and all the AVC products.. They are the best.

  34. Nina B

    I’ve been wearing this makeup for a few years now and love it. Lasts all day, goes on smoothly, etc. Great!

  35. Nina B

    Love this makeup!! So smooth and creamy and lasts all day long!

  36. Colleen H

    i have tried EVERY foundation ever made….and nothing even comes close to this creme foundation…it seriously covers all of my pink blotches & imperfections with minimal applicaton…no more caked on make-up or needing to re-apply….i love this foundation so much & recommend it to all of my girls!!

  37. Herlinda T

    Literally, the best foundation. I have never used a foundation I am truly happy with.

  38. Esther S

    Long wearing. Smooth finish. Great coverage. Awesome value. =)

  39. Wendy S

    Im a make up artist and have access to many different formulations.This has the best and longest lasting coverage. It is also the closest slkin color match I have ever used. MY only wish is that it would come in bigger sizes.:)

  40. Nina B

    Love, love, love this foundation! It lasts all day!

  41. Karina patricia A

    tried all products none of them make me feel and look better the creme Foundation,none of the make me fel fresh. i been using this Foundation for obit 6 months

  42. Nina B

    Love this foundation! Goes on smoothly and lasts all day long!

  43. Nina B

    Love, Love, Love this foundation. I have worn it for years and have had several people ask what kind of makeup I wear and I always brag about it. It smooths on so well and lasts all day!

  44. Wendy S

    Best all around base for coverage,color maching and lasting power! Only wish theyd make bigger sizes 🙂

  45. Missy C

    This foundation goes on flawless. This is one product that I make sure I am never out of.

  46. Jacquie H

    i love this product i have used it for years and will continue for many many more.

  47. Adrianne S

    I absolutely love this foundation! I’ve been using this color for at least 7 years and have never found one as good as this foundation. It blends in with my skin tone perfectly! I’ve tried many different brands and always stay with AVC’s Sandy cream foundation.

  48. Sandy L

    I’ve been using this product for many years. I tried a lot of foundation, this is by far the best one. love AVC makeup.

  49. Sheryl C

    I love, Love, LOVE this foundation!! It covers better than any foundation I have ever used. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone!!

  50. Jodie H

    Great foundation! Goes on smooth and lasts all day! Doesn’t feel heavy and blends well!

  51. Jodie H

    Great foundation! Goes on smooth and lasts all day!

  52. Patsy Woodward (verified owner)

    Container very small and has been very dry at times.

  53. Valerie Furnish (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Sandy cream foundation for almost 10 years. It covers so nicely without being heavy. It only takes a very small amount.

  54. KAREN (verified owner)

  55. Sharlene M. (verified owner)

    This covers well with only a dab.

  56. Suellen (verified owner)

    Perfect coverage!

  57. Patsy Woodward (verified owner)

    Love the great coverage in the cream foundation.
    Shadow Shammy is precise in applying Shadow.
    Lipstick has the best pigment.

  58. Lori (verified owner)

  59. Valerie F. (verified owner)

    Easily blends, covers perfectly, and stays ALL day!

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