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Professionally designed handles makes it easy to hold lashes a full 30 seconds and turn them into sexy exclamation points for cat eye perfection. Includes sure grip refill so your curler will last practically forever!

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Manufacturer: AVC

8 reviews for Eyelash Curler

  1. Linda C

    these are the best eyelash curlers ever, not only do I have them but also my daughter, they don’t pull your eyelashes out but the curl stays.

  2. Margaret A

    This is really the best eyelash curler I’ve used!You just need to use it a few seconds and my lashes are beautiful – I don’t even need mascara!!!!

  3. Kristina A

    Love it! I had never bothered to use an eyelash curler before because it seemed to complicated but I decided to give it a try. It was super easy to use and my lashes looked fabulous!

  4. Shirley B

    This is the only eyelash curler that will actually fit the eyelash properly,and will do a wonderful curl.I have purchased many brands in the past,and none of them have compared to this brand.

  5. Jane C

    Best eyelash curler ever! Does not damage or pull the eyelashes and keeps that curl all day long!

  6. Mary P

    This is a wonderful eyelash curler. It is not a lot different from the drugstore type eyelash curler but the padding on the handles makes it easier to use and not slick.

  7. Amanda S

    I can get a better one at the drug store for less than half the price, it doesn’t curl my lashes even after using the blow dryer plus the little rubber black part popped out during first use waste of money

  8. Laura Edwards (verified owner)

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