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Erase, blend and soften! The extra-fine texture of these easy to hold sponges turns the tiniest dot of Crème Foundation into sheer, silky, flawless coverage. Use your sponge wedges like erasers, too — blending away any excess Concealer. They’re also ideal for dabbing foundation over your Lip Liner and Lip Stain to keep your lips bright and fresh-looking all day.

Plus, use the ingenious wedge-shaped end like an extra pair of fingers to gently feather your Eye Shadow and Blush for that soft, all-natural look!

Note that while these durable sponge wedges can be rinsed and reused, you’ll want to replace them with fresh ones about every 2-3 months.

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Manufacturer: AVC

36 reviews for Sponge Wedges

  1. Jeanine H

    Don’t forget the wedges! I have tried numerous sponge wedges for applying my foundation. Many have a weird coating on them and they don’t last very long. Others are too small or too big. These are the perfect size with great angles to get under the eyes. They last a long time and provide a smooth application. I pair it with AVC foundation. Gone are the days I buy these from the supermarket or department store. Great buy!!!

  2. Rose M

    These are professional grade wedges, I haven’t found anything comparable in the stores. Makes foundation application perfect!

  3. Jill R

    I have bought wedges from Aexis Vogal before and they USED TO BE the best. Not any more. The ones I recieved from you in my recent order were as poor quality as ones I have bought from Walmart and ended up throwing away! Guess where YOURS ended up? IN THE TRASH. It’s not a big item, but they make a big difference in make-up application and I LOVED them before you changed them. Go back to the small, high quality ones and I’ll buy them again.

  4. Jessica P

    Love them, better than any I have ever found in the store. They do fall apart way too quickly for my taste, but overall still the best – that’s why I keep buying them year after year!

  5. Holly O

    I love these sponges. I won’t use anything else!!!!!!

  6. Dottie P

    These sponges are sooo much better than all the others. They make it easy to get great results

  7. Erin L

    This is the only product that I have been disappointed in. These sponges tend to fall apart and leave residue on my shirts. They just crumble.

  8. Esther S

    Love how smooth the sponges transfer the foundation to my skin. It would be awesome if the sponges lasted longer without falling apart after a while.

  9. Cheryl W

    Spreads foundation easily and smoothly so that you have a flawless complexion that still looks natural.

  10. Missy C

    These sponges are a must have item. Once you try them you will notice how well your make-up goes on. I have tried other brands but none compare to the quality here.

  11. Lauri W

    these sponges absorb too much of the foundation & they split & flake when putting on foundation & patting or smoothing out. I buy my sponges from Walgreens & get a better product. This is the ONLY product from AVC I have ever been disatisfied with. I use her make up ONLY & order an entire set about every 6 weeks of foundation through to eyes, lips, & brows.

  12. Rachelle H

    The sponges are great for applying foundation and powder and smoothing eyeshadow and eyeliner.

  13. Wanda J

    These Sponge Wedges are a Money Saving Must Have, you can wash and re-use these things how Great is that and they just let your Concealers and Foundations go on so evenly and really allow you to work with them to make sure you get the Perfect Coverage every single time. If you haven’t tried a Sponge before you have to try these there Fabulous and make a huge difference on how your over-all Make-Up is applied.

  14. Kay M

    these sponge wedges last longer than other sponges…and are very easy to shape for those special areas and for blending..these are a must have…

  15. Cassandra V

    Great sponges, I won’t use any other sponge. I have tried others and ended up throwing them away. They work great with the avc foundation.

  16. Jill L

    These are an integral part of using the foundation correctly. You really cannot achieve the best look without a sponge wedge. But, they are available in large bags at major merchandisers for a much more cost effective price. I do not see the sence of purchasing these on line. The make-up is FABULOUS, I just cannot see purchasing sponge wedges on line.

  17. June T

    The best wedges I’ve ever experienced! The size and the firmness are just right=)

  18. Esther S

    These wedges give you a great, smooth coverage. Although, the wedges don’t last very long. I started using these wedges 5 years ago and I believe the ones I used to use back then were a better quality wedge.

  19. Linda R

    these are a most and great to use with the creme foundations and last a long time 🙂

  20. Rebecca T

    These sponges last a long time. They are perfect for the AVC foundation to provide a flawless complexion.

  21. Catherine P

    No matter what foundation you use – if you don’t use a sponge then don’t bother. This spondge helps spread evenly and even when you mess up – it helps fix the mistakes without doing your entire face over again. I love these wedges. Makes my makeup look even better.

  22. Mirella G

    These sponge wedges are wonderful for foundation application

  23. Lindsey M

    I love the sponge wedges they make the make up smoother on your face.

  24. Cassandra V

    I love these sponges! They are wonderful. I have not been able to find another sponge that compares. They way it blends my foundation is amazing. My only compaint is I wish they sold them in a bigger bag. I share these with my daughter, who also loves them.

  25. Ashley- Jordan A

    For the price, the sponges are ok! But do not last like they used too!

  26. Lisa I

    These Sponge Wedges are soft and gentle and get the job done better than any other similar sponge wedges I have used. A+++

  27. Kristi Taylor (verified owner)

  28. Amy (verified owner)

  29. Annamarie R. (verified owner)

    These def work better than any wedges i have ever used. It holds my foundation in good! The size is perfect and it absorbs perfectly! I only buy these to use with my make up! I highly recommend these wedges to anyone who wears make up!

  30. Rhonda Brooks (verified owner)


  31. Heather Martin (verified owner)

    Amazing durable and great quality

  32. Heather Martin (verified owner)

    The best

  33. Annamarie (verified owner)

    Great sponge wedges!

  34. Valerie F. (verified owner)

  35. Nancy Ehlen (verified owner)

  36. Valerie (verified owner)

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