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Alexis Vogel’s professional secret revealed! This cute little tool helps you create the perfect shadow angle for gorgeously sexy cat eyes!

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  1. Shauna B

    When I first saw the shadow shammy I thought it was too simple to really make a difference in the appearance of my eye make-up. But when I actually used the shammy according to Alexis Vogel’s technique, I was so amazed at how different my eyes looked that I couldn’t help but grin and marvel. With the shammy it got to the point where it was fun to apply eye make-up because I looked forward to the eye transformation! The eye area use to be such a mystery to me and I use to be afraid of using eyeliner at all and rarely used eye shadow beyond the eyelids until I tried Alexis Vogel’s methods.Now my eyes definitely look more interesting and my appearance looks more pulled together when I use the shammy. Plus, I feel more attractive and that is very important to me at this time in my life–I have a demanding four month-old and sometimes it is hard to feel pulled-together, attractive and sexy! The shammy helps me to be all that I want to be.

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