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Erase, blend and soften! The extra-fine texture of these easy to hold sponges turns the tiniest dot of Crème Foundation into sheer, silky, flawless coverage. Use your sponge wedges like erasers, too — blending away any excess Concealer. They’re also ideal for dabbing foundation over your Lip Liner and Lip Stain to keep your lips bright and fresh-looking all day.

Plus, use the ingenious wedge-shaped end like an extra pair of fingers to gently feather your Eye Shadow and Blush for that soft, all-natural look!

Note that while these durable sponge wedges can be rinsed and reused, you’ll want to replace them with fresh ones about every 2-3 months.

set of 4

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Manufacturer: AVC

36 reviews for Sponge Wedges

  1. Jill R

    I have bought wedges from Aexis Vogal before and they USED TO BE the best. Not any more. The ones I recieved from you in my recent order were as poor quality as ones I have bought from Walmart and ended up throwing away! Guess where YOURS ended up? IN THE TRASH. It’s not a big item, but they make a big difference in make-up application and I LOVED them before you changed them. Go back to the small, high quality ones and I’ll buy them again.

  2. Erin L

    This is the only product that I have been disappointed in. These sponges tend to fall apart and leave residue on my shirts. They just crumble.

  3. Lauri W

    these sponges absorb too much of the foundation & they split & flake when putting on foundation & patting or smoothing out. I buy my sponges from Walgreens & get a better product. This is the ONLY product from AVC I have ever been disatisfied with. I use her make up ONLY & order an entire set about every 6 weeks of foundation through to eyes, lips, & brows.

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